Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book?
If you have less than 10 people, then no, you can come along whenever you like.
10 or people more? Make a group booking and get up to 35% off!

I have never climbed before. Can I just turn up?
Absolutely! Head to our first time visitors page for all the details.

Where are you located?
We have two venues; Melbourne CBD & Nunawading.

When are you open?
Both our venues are open:
Weekdays: 12 Noon - 10 pm
Weekends: 11 am    - 7 pm
We often have reduced hours on:
  public holidays
  long weekends
  days surrounding public holidays
Check these hours here.
Our CBD venue is also open 6-9.30am Weds & Thurs. Details here.

How do I get there?
Detailed directions for both venues can be found here.

How much does it cost?
Pricing can be found here. We also offer 10 Visit Passes and Memberships.

How long should I allow?
There are no time limits on casual entry, but most people stay around 3 hours. Allow a minimum of 2 hours the first time you visit. Our first time visitors page has all the details.

I am bringing my kids along. Will I need to get involved?
Children aged under 11 are not permitted to belay (hold the ropes), in which case you will need to. To belay you will need to fill out an Agreement Form, and we will take you through a full Safety Instruction session (this takes around 30 minutes). 'Belay Only' entry is $6 and belayers must wear a climbing harness.

Are there any restrictions on who can climb?
Our CBD Venue auto-belay walls may be used only by climbers weighing min 20kg - max 110kg. There are no weight limits on our top-ropes. There are no age restrictions for climbers, for more info see our kids page.

What size hire equipment do you have?
Our hire harnesses will fit waist sizes of up to 160cm (63 inches). We also have full-body harnesses suitable for most kids aged 4 and up.
Our hire shoes range from Kids 10 to Mens US 15.

Can I come along on my own?
- When rock climbing one person climbs, whilst one person holds the rope (belaying). 
- Hardrock staff are not available to belay for you (except in Under 11 year old birthday parties and Private Instruction sessions) so you will need to come along with a partner. If you can't find anyone, see below.

I don't have anyone to climb with. What should I do?
You will get the most out of our venues if you come along with someone to belay you. Note that they do not have to also climb if they do not wish to ('Belay Only' entry is $6 and belayers must wear a climbing harness). If you can't find anyone we have the following options:

- Our CBD venue has 4 auto-belay walls which have an automatic system allowing you to climb alone (call to check availability). 

- Our Nunawading venue has a bouldering cave. Bouldering is climbing at low height without ropes. Bear in mind that bouldering can be more physically demanding than climbing and can be challenging for beginners.

- Sign up for one of our Beginners Courses where you will be buddied up and taught all you need to know.

Alternatively if you already have some climbing experience, but are looking for a climbing partner consider joining the meetup group or checking the noticeboards at either venue for others in the same position.