Lead Climbing at Hardrock

We have heaps of lead climbing at both our venues, with a wide range of grades (from 12 to 29+) to suit all levels of ability! 

Our CBD venue has a total of 28 lead walls up to 16 metres high, 8 of which are 'lead only', meaning they are on terrain only available to leaders. 

Nunawading has a total of 21 lead walls up to 14 metres high, 9 of which are 'lead only'; including our massive roof (18m long climb), and the amazing articulating wall (which is a hydraulically adjustable overhang!).

To lead climb at Hardrock we require all climbers and belayers to complete a Lead Climbing Assessment.
This is to ensure that everyone participating in lead climbing in our centres is competent and safe.

Lead Assessments need to be booked in advance and are available:
  • Monday @ Nunawading  7.30pm - 9.30pm (last booking at 9.00pm)

  • Tuesday @ CBD 5.00pm - 7.30pm (last booking at 7.00pm)

  • Wednesday @ CBD 5.00pm - 7.30pm (last booking at 7.00pm)

Call 9894 4183 (Nunawading), 9631 5300 (CBD), or ask at reception to book a time.

Note that we expect leaders to have a high level of competence, so please only attempt the Assessment if you are already an experienced lead climber.
Alternatively if you would like to learn to lead climb, sign up for a Lead Course.

There is no cost associated with the assessment, apart from your entry fee for the night (applicable irrespective of whether or not you choose to climb before or after).

For children under 18 the 'Assumption of Riskform must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
Children aged 13 & under are not permitted to lead belay.

To get your 'Lead Pass' you will need to:
  • Book in a Lead Assessment, 
  • Sign an Assumption of Risk form,
  • Complete a written pre-test (multiple-choice) and 
  • Demonstrate your competence to a Hardrock Lead Assessor in a practical test comprising lead climbing & belaying (including taking and catching a fall)

You will need a climbing partner (also being assessed OR previously assessed).

Participants are required to supply all their own equipment, except quickdraws (which are pre-placed on the walls); Hardrock does not have Lead Climbing equipment available for hire.

Note that we have restrictions on what equipment may be used:

  • Belay devices - Only manual belay devices of belay plate/tube style (eg. ATC, Reverso) are permitted
  • Ropes - ‘single’,‘dynamic’ with a minimum length of 40 metres

For more information on equipment, see our Lead Climbing Rules